Mergers & Acquisitions

What We Do

Speedster Consulting is specialized in Mergers & Acquisitions. Our consultancy is based on three pillars: consolidated experience in financial transactions, an important network of relationships and extensive knowledge of the sector. The success of an M&A transaction depends largely on the precise analysis of every aspect of the operation. Speedster Consulting offers a complete assistance both on the buy-side and on the sell-side, guaranteeing the best practices necessary to obtain a satisfactory conclusion of the deal in all its parts.


In assisting a client for the disposal of its company, firm or branch of business, the objective of our advisoring is to identify investors who recognize it’s the right value of the asset for sale and aim to a growth path to enhance a remarkable value creation.


When following a client interested in making an acquisition, our consultancy takes advantage from a wide network of national and international relations to identify the most interesting investment opportunities consistent with a specific industrial project.


Operational Steps



We monitor the financial and industrial landscape to identify the investment opportunities on the market. In order to do so, we leverage a significant network of profitable relationships with the main players who operate in the world of corporate finance.



The contact with the counterparty subject to acquisition (buy-side) or with the possible purchaser (sell-side) takes place through the production of informative material: blind teaser and information memorandum (sell-side) or consultation of the same (buy-side).


Evaluation and Negotiation

The objective of the evaluation and negotiation of the deal with the counterparty is to bring together expectations of value that may be very distant between the parties involved. In this phase we bring into play diplomacy, empathy and creativity to arrive at the formalization of the preliminary agreement.


Due Diligence

Coordination of due diligence involves bringing in other consultants for pre-acquisition reviews, such as: experts in the business at hand, tax lawyers, accountants, labor law specialists, environmental law specialists, and others.



The transaction ends with the coordination of the final deed leading to the closing of the transaction. We collaborate with the attorneys responsible for drafting the text of the final contract to produce a document consistent with the understandings between the parties.